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We are a Full-Service Family Law office specializing in Divorce and Custody Litigation and Child Advocacy.

Our focus is on your children’s best interest and your financial security.

Custody Litigation

In some cases, litigation cannot be avoided. Our litigation team will fight to ensure that you, your children, your life’s work, and financial wellbeing are safeguarded.

Best-Interest Fact Finder

A BIFF is a neutral, court-appointed expert who investigates custody disputes and evaluates the best interests of children. 

Adoption & Guardianship

Navigating the adoption and guardianship processes can be confusing and time-consuming. We will support you in your goal to provide a safe and loving home for a child.


Mediation is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to potentially damaging litigation. Problem-solve, develop co-parenting and financial agreements and find effective, child-centered solutions outside of the courtroom utilizing our experienced mediators and mediation team.

Guardian Ad Litem

A GAL is an attorney trained to represent children. A GAL is appointed by the court to represent individual children and to be the “voice” of the child in custody matters. Our lawyers ensure that children’s voices and preferences are protected and supported.

Parenting Coordinator

A PC is an attorney or mental health provider, appointed by the Court, to help parents navigate their court-ordered parenting plan. A PC will troubleshoot custody/visitation issues as they arise, utilizing a mediation/arbitration model that allows parents to avoid returning to court for further litigation. 

Stacy was exactly what we needed during our divorce. She put the needs of our child first, and was very even-handed in dealing with our situation. She was available whenever we had pressing issues, and now, a year out from our decree, she remains an invaluable resource.

Erin S.

It was my first time seeking out legal help, and I felt overwhelmed and intimidated by other attorneys I spoke with over the phone. Annabel and everyone in the office made me feel welcome and comfortable during a very difficult time.

Heidi K.

Annabel Murray, has been such an amazing lawyer. It was my first time seeking out an lawyer and I really had no clue what to do or what to expect. Annabel and her staff, completely made me feel at ease with my custody case.

Cymry P.

Divorce Done Differently: Our Mission

We established the Children’s Law Center because we knew that divorce could be different for children and their families. It could be better. Our goal for you is the emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing of your children and the just division of assets.

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