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Dear (Co-Parent):

I am writing to open the lines of communication regarding our parenting plan and how it is affected by the current Shelter at Home orders and requirements for social distancing. I am hopeful that by communicating we can provide our children with consistent messages so that they feel safe and secure in both of our homes. This is a request for communication, not a demand for specific behavior.

1. Do we agree that we will stay home when we have the children?


a. We will not take the children to the grocery store (we can grocery shop when we do not have them);

b. We will not allow visitors to come over for parties or bbqs or visits and we will not spend time at the beach with other people;

c. We will not allow the children to go on playdates;

d. We will not allow the children to do sleepovers.

e. If either of us are deemed essential workers, we will discuss who will watch the children if the other parent is unable (consider a right of first refusal).

If you/I do not agree with (a-e), and believe that some or all of these activities are allowed and/or appropriate, we will each explain why we think a specific activity is appropriate and not prohibited, as well as an explanation of safety measures that are in place to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

3. Do we agree that, if we have roommates or others living in our homes, that they will comply with the Shelter in Place orders as well?

4. Do we agree that we will explain social distancing to the children, and make sure that they will maintain at least 6 feet between themselves and anyone who does not live in our households?

5. Do we agree to inform each other immediately if and when we find out that we, the children or immediate family members have been exposed to or have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or have symptoms consistent with Covid-19?

Please email or call me to discuss these points and anything else you would like to talk about.

Sincerely, (Your co-parent)

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