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Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to Family Court litigation that focuses on the interests of the family as a whole, focusing on cooperation and resolution rather than confrontation in the courtroom.

Who Needs a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer?

You are a divorcing or separating spouse who wants to avoid expensive and harmful Family Court litigation. You believe that the more you and your spouse work with supportive professionals, the more likely you and your spouse will end up with mutually acceptable decisions will help your family to move forward. You know that litigation is hard on children and that you and your spouse know your child(ren) better than a Judge ever could. You don’t want to put a stranger in charge of your life. You want a process that is respectful and empowering, and that will allow you to avoid the need for others to make decisions about your children and your future. You understand that divorce can be complex, especially when there are children and/or extensive assets involved. You want to work with neutral  professionals who have been trained to help and support you, including “financial neutrals” who will help you and your spouse to make reasonable financial decisions that will help to insure that both you and your spouse are financially secure and able to care for your children into the future, “divorce coaches” who can support you and your spouse as you deal with the intense emotions of divorce, and trained “child specialists”, mental health professionals who can meet with your children and insure that you and your spouse understand what they are going through, what they need from you, and how you can most effectively support them through the divorce and after.

How does the Collaborative Divorce Process work?

Collaborative Divorce is one of the fastest growing areas of dispute resolution in the world.
Learn more about Collaborative Divorce at where you will find an excellent description of Collaborative Divorce and its benefits.


Why is Collaborative Divorce Beneficial?

  1. Healing – You and your spouse do not want to spend all of your energy and financial resources on litigation. You want to achieve peace and resolution in a respectful manner that helps you both heal from the sadness of divorce and separation. Your Collaborative Team is there to help strengthen and support you and your family members.
  2. Transparency – Divorce litigation is about games, hiding information, hiring experts and sneak attacks. You want to work with professionals who share the same goal: to help you and your family figure out the most healing, hopeful and proactive way to move from married to divorced. You don’t want to hide the facts and you don’t want to worry that your spouse is hiding the facts. You want the foundation of your divorce to be honesty and integrity, not mistrust and anger.
  3. Transition – Litigation is all about winning, and that means someone loses. Very often the end result is unsatisfying and can create long term feelings of dissatisfaction and anger that impact you and your children for years. Collaborative Divorce is moving through the pain and anger of divorce into acceptance and resolution; you are not a “broken” family, a family that looks different than it did before the divorce. The children are not defined by the divorce, but defined by the knowledge that you and your spouse chose Collaborative Divorce instead of harmful litigation.
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