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A Child Custody Consultant is a member of your legal team who works with you to make recommendations as to therapy, classes, or other support services to help you through your own pain, learn to deal with a difficult ex, and, focus on your children’s needs. Child Custody Consultants also work with your attorney legal team to create and advocate for a child-centered custody arrangement that a custody evaluator or judge would understand, appreciate, and have an increased likelihood of accepting.

When does a Child Custody Consultant get involved?

A Child Custody Consultant gets involved before your case goes to trial.

Who Needs a Child Custody Consultant?

You are a divorcing or separating parent who would like to end all the fighting and focus on how to make this new transition easier for your children. You understand that you have no control over your ex’s actions or emotions. But you also know that there are steps you can both take to minimize the conflict for your children and keep them out of the middle.

It’s not the best scenario, but you see your personal responsibility and know there is a right way to deal with the other parent. You remember that your children are watching to see how you handle things. You know intellectually and intuitively that it benefits your children to keep them away from harmful conflict but you aren’t sure how to respond from a legal/best interests stand point, especially if the other parent is establishing a litigation stance that you do not feel is appropriate. You need someone you can consult with regarding the custody negotiations and potential litigation and who can help you identify a legal strategy to insure you reach your goal of a co-parenting plan that is good for your family.

If the Court has appointed a Custody Evaluator your Child Custody Consultant will help you to prepare for the evaluation so that you are able to effectively communicate and advocate your beliefs as to the custody decision that is in your children’s best interests.

Is a Child Custody Consultant my Attorney?

Maybe. You have your own family law attorney who will guide you through the court system. Your Child Custody Consultant can be a consultant or a formal member of your legal team who focuses exclusively on the best interests of your children and helps you to achieve your co-parenting goals.

How does the Child Custody Consultant Process Work?

The Child Custody Consultant meets with you to understand your needs and goals, your children’s needs, the history of the parental conflict, and matters of current concern. We review prior reports and/or Court documents and meet with others if necessary. Once we get a better understanding of your family situation, we will make recommendations as to therapy, classes, or other support services to help you through your own pain, learn to deal with a difficult ex, and focus on your children’s needs.

Why is a Child Custody Consultant Beneficial?

  1. Focus. Your ex partner or spouse may be stuck in anger, hurt, and disappointment and unable to focus on your children’s best interest. It is important that you are supported in being the person who can consistently focus on your children.
  2. Child-centered. All Child Custody Consultants are trained child advocates and will help you to stay focused on your children’s best interest. Your Child Custody Consultant will support and advocate for you always insuring that together, our priority will be making the transition to separation easier on your children.
  3. Stability. You have no control over your ex partner’s behavior, but you can learn to deal with conflict effectively. Your children learn through your actions how to work through pain, overcome conflict, and move forward.
  4. New beginnings. Once the break up is resolved, you will have fresh new energy and a sense of being complete with the past so you can focus on your children, career, education, relationships, hobbies, and social life.
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