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Best Interest Fact Finders are appointed by the court, and paid for by the parents, to investigate regarding custody/visitation arrangements that are in the best interests of your children When parties are unable to resolve their custody dispute and are heading for trial, the court recognizes that there is information about the children that will be helpful to the Court in making its decision.

The Court is acutely aware that there are many individuals who know and observe both parents and the children, including doctors, dentists, coaches and teachers.  It is extremely expensive to bring all of these individuals to court to testify.  A BIFF can speak to all of the people and professionals who have information about the child and report back to the court.  BIFFs make recommendations in very specific cases, and only when the parties and the court agrees that recommendations will be helpful to the Court.

Best Interest Fact Finders can be attorneys, mental health professionals, social workers, or other professionals with appropriate training. The court and your attorney should identify what credentials are necessary for your particular circumstances.

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